Guard Standards

Following factors are considered on recruitment


Age : Between 25 to 45 years
Height: 5'6'' (Minimum).

Physical Fitness

Medically Fit Category “A ” standard specified by Armed Forces of Pakistan.


Passed high school or 8th standards (minimum).

Professional Skills

Proficient in weapon handling, well conversant with the sentry, anti-terrorist duties, familiar with firefighting procedures, capable of handling electronics gadgets, such as CCTV, handheld metal detector, vehicle inspection mirror trolley and fully trained in radio communication.

Benefits to Guards

The guards of our company are well paid & their salary is distributed by 5th of each month.


Complete background check of the guards is carried out from their regimental centre, home town police officer and verification from national database registration authority(NADRA) of Pakistan.

General Appearance

Physically fit, mentally alert and smartly turned out.

Motivation Factor

Regular and frequent interaction of the supervisory staff with the guards.
Implementation of Reward and Punishment Policy.